Best Smart Watch Under Just For 800₹

In today’s, world technology is the key factor. Being smart in this fast world is everyone want. Having high-tech products with alot of feature and giving your pocket a big bite. 

Smart watches are the new trend. You can either buy a premium watch for 20,000₹ or you can buy a watch which is 18 less to it. 

Yes, the product is right with us on your list. 

Just 800₹ ain’t a big deal right?

It’s been tasted with the team and having a 4star review on multiple trading site.

The smart watch allows you to take your life being a premium one. The fantastic looks and stylist design body of the watch looks absolutely beautiful in the hand.

Lets talk about its features:

● It supports Android over 4.3 and IOS over 7.01

●Giving a 1.2MP camera, dialer, a sim tray, access to whatsapp, Twitter and text messages. Allows you to reply the conversation.

● Alert you with a reminder. And call on your device will be displayed on your smart watch

● Last for 7-10days

● Give you a range of 3meters(15 ft)

● Calculate your calories burn, monitor your sleep. A complete fitness tracker.

●Let you listen music, make a video and voice recorder

● Phone tracking

Too much for a smart watch at this low prices isn’t it?

Give me your feed back on this product and comment if you want any more product for your use.

Click the watch image below and get redirected.


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